Neuro-Oncology Program

Linear Accelerators

The Trilogy system at The Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment at St. Joseph Hospital is one of the latest radiation oncology technologies. Combining imaging with treatment technologies, this latest generation linear accelerator is used to deliver a wide range of external beam radiotherapies: 3D conformal radiation therapy, IMRT, IGRT, stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and fractionated stereotactic radiation therapy (SRT/SBRT).

The powerful Varian system, delivers stereotactic radiation therapy doses at least 60 percent faster than conventional linear accelerators, thereby decreasing the length of time patients spend undergoing treatment. In addition, the radiation beam is highly precise, allowing clinicians to deliver treatments with unprecedented accuracy. This allows even small lesions to be treated quickly, easily and effectively, while minimizing damage to health surrounding tissue.

Our Varian linear accelerators provide dynamic treatment control, the greatest number of energy options to treat the widest range of patients, the most precise targeting and the highest dose rates across the energy spectrum. With the Trilogy system, St. Joseph Hospital can treat tumors that were unreachable any other way.