Radiation Oncology

Respiratory Gating with Real-time Position Management (RPM)

Tumors and organs can move during the normal breathing cycle. To account for this movement we use the Varian Real-time Position Management™ (RPM) system. This RPM system is a non-invasive, imaging system that allows for precise tumor localization during the breathing cycle. Tumors that benefit from RPM include lung, liver and other tumors within the abdomen. During the simulation procedure, an infrared tracking camera is used and a reflective marker placed on the patient’s skin. With the movement of the reflective marker on the patient’s skin we are able to capture the respiration by the infrared tracking camera. The information gained from the RPM system gives our physicians the ability to pin point tumor location in relation to our patient's respiratory cycle. This information assists the Radiation Oncologist with defining the tumor volume to be treated.