Radiation Oncology


CT Simulation

A CT Simulation is a planning session in which our radiation oncologists map the site to which radiation will be given. This procedure usually takes an hour to an hour and a half.

During this time you will be required to lie very still on a hard table. Please inform the physician if this may be a problem for you. In some cases a special mask or treatment cushion will be made specifically for you. During this appointment, tiny pinpoint tattoos will be placed on your skin to mark the area that will be treated.

Verification Simulation

The Verification Simulation takes place a few days after the CT Simulation and takes approximately an hour. The radiation therapist will take you to the Linear Accelerator Room for the Verification Simulation. This is the same room where each of your radiation treatments will take place.

The radiation therapist will position you on the treatment table. Images will be taken to verify the treatment field. As in the CT Simulation, tiny pinpoint tattoos will once again be placed on the skin and will be used daily during the treatment field set up.

Once you complete your Verification Simulation, your radiation oncologist will work with you to schedule your treatments.