Hospital Recovery

Following surgery, you will first go to the recovery room, then to a regular hospital room. Typically, you won’t go home until you can pass urine on your own. The hospital stay is usually one to seven days.


To clean your bladder and prevent blood clots, a catheter is placed inside your urethra. Fluid flows into and out of your bladder through this tube. Expect the fluid draining from the tube to be reddish. This is nothing to be concerned about.

The catheter will typically remain in place for one to three days. While it is in, you may have the urge to urinate. You may also experience cramps in your bladder. If the cramping bothers you or you are in pain, notify the nurse. He or she may be able to provide you with medication to help you feel better.

Urination On Your Own

In one to three days after surgery, your catheter is removed to see if you can urinate on your own.

It is typical to feel a burning sensation when you first pass urine. Also, the urine may still appear reddish or pinkish. Tell the nurse if your urine appears bright red.

In most cases, the amount you urinate will be measured. You can go home when you can pass urine without the catheter. If you cannot urinate on your own, you may need to go home with the tube still in place and a leg bag collecting the urine. If this occurs, you’ll later return to the doctor to have the catheter removed.

Prior to Going Home

You will be instructed about what to do while healing. You may receive certain medications, such as antibiotics, to avoid infection. Ask your doctor when you can start taking aspirin and other medications again. When you are ready to go home, have an adult friend or relative drive you.