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Liver, Bile Duct and Pancreas Tumor Program

The Liver, Bile Duct and Pancreas Tumor Program at St. Joseph Hospital provides high-level care that includes all aspects of patient care, including prevention, early diagnosis and effective treatment.

The Liver, Bile Duct and Pancreas Tumor Program takes an aggressive, multidisciplinary approach to providing innovative care that offers patients the benefits of the latest medical technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of all forms of liver tumors. The program’s focus is on primary (benign and malignant) and metastatic tumors of the liver and biliary system. Examples of the advanced technology offered includes radiofrequency ablation, minimally invasive surgery, tumor embolization with chemotherapy (either directly or in bead forms), the use of radiation therapy via conformal techniques, and direct intrahepatic delivery of radiation coupled beads.

In addition to primary and metastatic tumors of the liver, the Liver, Bile Duct, and Pancreas Tumor Program has incorporated a multidisciplinary approach for tumors of the pancreas, bile duct and stomach.