Melanoma Diagnosis and Biopsy - Tanya Nino, M.D.
ABCDEs of Melanoma Detection- Jonathan Baron, M.D.
Precision Medicine - Timothy Byun, M.D.
Know Your Sunscreen- Jonathan Baron, M.D.
Side Effects of Melanoma Treatment - Tanya Nino, M.D.
Multidisciplinary Center
Infusion Center Tour
Radiation Therapy
I Promise
Genetic- Sandra Brown
Biospecimen Repository- Lianne Nacpil
Clinical Trials- Lavinia Dobrea
Smoking Cessation- Luisa Santa and Jaina Pallasigui
Low Dose CT Lung Cancer Screening - Dan Vu, M.D.

Melanoma and Skin Cancer Program

The Melanoma and Skin Cancer Program at St. Joseph Hospital offers Orange County residents comprehensive, unparalleled expertise in melanoma detection, treatment and follow-up care. The multidisciplinary healthcare team consists of highly skilled oncology and plastic surgeons, radiation therapists, medical oncologists, pathologists, nursing and research staff. Working collaboratively, these highly skilled clinicians ensure that our patients receive innovative and evidence-based care designed to diminish suffering and save lives.

While clinical expertise makes the Melanoma and Skin Cancer Program one of the most advanced in the region, the program's patient and family-centered care offers the hope, dignity and compassion patients have come to expect from St. Joseph Hospital. Support and education groups are offered and most patients feel at ease knowing they have a resource available to them every step of the way during treatment and follow-up.