Spiritual Care

At The Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment at St. Joseph Hospital we believe in treating the whole person-body, mind and spirit. Our core values of Dignity, Service, Excellence and Justice, established by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange, are the foundation of our care for you as a complete person. Cancer does not affect just one area of your body; it affects all of you and everyone in your life. Whether your faith is Christian, Jewish, Islam, Buddhist, Hindu or any other, we will encourage and support you in your spiritual journey.

We recognize your faith emanates from the core of your beliefs and values, contributes to your identity, and impacts every aspect of your life. Whatever form your spirituality takes, your faith and your beliefs can be healing forces in your life. The hope, love and belonging that you may experience through your faith can help you find peace, comfort and meaning. We also acknowledge and affirm that your diagnosis and struggle with cancer may have brought on doubts, anxiety and questioning in regards to your faith. We are here to walk along side you as you make what can be a very lonely journey. Our hope is that our presence with you, as spiritual caregivers, will help reduce your anxiety and fears to empower you to engage your faith as a positive resource.

Our Spiritual Care team of chaplains and priests is an integral part of the dedicated team of experts we've assembled to provide you with comprehensive, compassionate and personalized care. A chaplain is available to you any time you are here with us at The Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment. If you would like a chaplain to visit you, call 714-771-8137 or simply ask an employee for assistance. We also invite you to take time for meditation, prayer or quiet reflection in our Sala de Esperanza (Place of Hope) located on the main floor of the Center.